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The house, built around 250 years ago, features glimpses of what must have been a work house of an ajoining Commanderie of the Knights Hospitellier (Order of St John). The original structure consisted of a central accomodation block of 4 rooms (Kitchen, Living Rm, 2 Bedrooms) surrounded by 3 large barns. Toilets were outside, water was drawn from 2 wells, 25m deep.
Since, 2 barns have been incorporated and the accomodation section reorganised into a house of multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas.


Our property, "Le Bousquet" (The Little Wood ) is spread over 2.5 hectare of countryside 4km outside the town of Condom. It has commanding view to the north and west.
This gallery displays glimpses of the grounds and gardens throughout the four seasons.


This gallery offers glimpses of life in Condom - it's architecture, it's people and markets. The short video also includes segments featuring other surrounding villages and countrysides.